Even while filming for a full-length video, these dudes found time and energy to make this happen…and that is just nuts! Filmed by each rider and the bros and then edited by Jeff Klugiewicz, this split edit is a testament to what you can get done with a ton of hard work and drive. Regardless [...]


“Always Searching” is a mix of clips of Taylor Thompson riding day and night. The message is simple, have fun on your bike, always look for new things to ride with your friends, and stay motivated. TURN THAT BACKLIGHT UP!!!”

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As per usual, BACO looked insane. Click play below to check out one of the oldest jam series in BMX as well as to see a bunch of Madera dudes kill it. Congrats to Erik Elstran for taking 2nd and Taylor Thompson for taking 5th!

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“For the last eight months the Late Night Boys have been scavenging the streets for new things to ride. From countless dusk til dawn sessions to injuries left and right there is no stopping these guys from having a good time and going on adventures with their bikes. We hope you enjoy our Late Night [...]

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Madera Memo #14 – UnBoxing – Madera/Profile Hub Guards Madera and Profile come from the same factory and share some of the same components. Both companies’ hubs should be used with and have special hub guards available. These guards are specifically designed for our hubs and do a great job of protecting your investment as [...]

Hub Lapse

Curious how a Madera V2 Cassette comes together? Look no further. In less than one minute see how we take our American made BMX freestyle hub and hand assemble it down in St. Pete Florida. BUY ONE HERE