Madera ABD Screen Cap

After Biking Daily for 3 years, the Madera BMX team is ready to Allow Basic Duplication of their full-length video. They will be premiering A BMX DVD in Long Beach on February 28th and hope you all will be excited for that event After Beholding Deeds in this trailer. Coming soon: Madera ABD Featuring: Dan [...]


What’s there to say… our new logo in white water based ink on a nice and chill cotton NL3600 T-shirt. Snag one HERE.


Matt Coplon and Dillon Leeper of Profile Racing made the short flight down to the temporary island home of Madera’s Mike Hinkens and spent a week in the heat shredding and exploring. For some more cool pics and an interesting write up, head over the the Profile site HERE.

Drive Side Hub Guard Screen Shot

Custom-made for both Madera and Profile Hubs, the C4 Drive Side Guard is designed to protect your hubs, keep you grinding smoothly, and all with only minimal weight added. It is sold as a combo including the guard and proprietary hardware that will fit on the Madera V2 Cassette, the Madera Gulf Coaster, the Profile [...]

Screen Shot 2019-10-07 at 11.07.30 AM

The latest In The Volvo from OurBMX features our man Jake Seeley. Sit down for a ride along and some riding and learn all about Jake and his East Coast roots, a few projects he is working on, the upcoming Madera DVD, and more!

Madera Seel'd Signet Guard #1

Take a look at the limited edition Jake Seeley Seel’d Universal Guard Sprocket in this new video unboxing courtesy of Our BMX. Enjoy the run down and peep the specs & availability, and then snag one HERE.