Drive Side Hub Guard Screen Shot

Custom-made for both Madera and Profile Hubs, the C4 Drive Side Guard is designed to protect your hubs, keep you grinding smoothly, and all with only minimal weight added. It is sold as a combo including the guard and proprietary hardware that will fit on the Madera V2 Cassette, the Madera Gulf Coaster, the Profile [...]

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Madera Memo #22 – How To: 180 Back Ice with Dylan McCauley Dylan McCauley is a tech wizard, so take a few moments and learn something tech from the boss. In this Madera Memo, Dylan lays out a few simple steps to learning how to do a 180 to backwards icepick. This trick is the [...]

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Building wheels can be tough. We got you covered. 1. Check out how to order the right size parts/spokes HERE. 2. Check out HOW to build your wheels HERE. Get to it!

MM6 Teaser Pic

Madera Memo #6 – Dan Kruk – How To Back Pegs Full Cab Dan Kruk makes this trick look easy! Maybe he can show you how! Click play to see Dan explain how to dial in the 180 back pegs to full cab out.

Hub Lapse

Curious how a Madera V2 Cassette comes together? Look no further. In less than one minute see how we take our American made BMX freestyle hub and hand assemble it down in St. Pete Florida. BUY ONE HERE

BYOH Screen shot TEASER

Madera Memo #4 – BYOH Program (Build Your Own Hub!) This memo is an explanation of how you can order a Madera hubset and completely customize as you go. Pick your axles, studs, colors, and more. Click play to learn about how you can build the perfect setup for yourself. FOR MORE MADERA BMX VIDEOS [...]