Mike Hinkens

erik elstran bike 2019-01

Erik Elstran Bike Check

Erik looks at his bike as a tool. Meaning, he will get brand new ride, go shred, and just destroy it without even thinking. To him, how it looks is secondary to what he can do with it. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a cool looking bike sometime. Take a look at this fresh ride he just built… Read more →

2018 RideBMX Photos

Unseen Photos of 2018

With the loss of most print mags, more and more often, amazing photos end up falling between the cracks and possibly going unseen. RIDE bmx tried to remedy that by dropping a big gallery of amazing photos from 2018 over on their site. Madera was fortunate enough to have a ton of our dudes featured, so make sure to click… Read more →