Welcome to the AM Team: Jesse Romano and Mike Stahl

We are stoked to make official what has been happening for a long while: Jesse and Mike are part of the Madera family! These two east coast transplants are shredders, but what really matters to us is that they are awesome dudes who we wanna ride with and support no matter what tricks they are into or styles they have. The Madera BMX family has been growing a lot lately, but when you run into such great people, its hard not to want to support those friends and travel with them. As you would expect, they have put in work for a diverse and fun split welcome edit, but don’t think that’s all they have been working on. The upcoming Madera full length is also on their radar and they will be joining the pro team in Michigan this fall for a filming trip and some shop stops. Watch their edit, get hyped, and look for these dudes out in the streets anywhere from Long Island to California and everywhere in-between. – Mike