02nd Mar
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Tom Villarreal Bike Check Video

If you have ever met Tom, you know that you are ALWAYS laughing when he is around. He is funny as hell in person AND in video! Take a look at Tom chilling in LBC and talking about his bike. He will have you laughing. No doubt. Added bonuses: Riding clips AND cool bike parts!

27th Feb
Madera March Madness

Madera March Madness Sale – FREE Sprocket with Cranks!

Madera March Madness Sale! Snag a set of Madera Protocal Cranks and get a Madera Signet Sprocket for free! Madera Protocal Cranks in sizes 175mm and 180mm, Black Only. Madera Signet Sprockets in 25t or 28t, in black or polished. Contact your local bike shop for availability! MORE PICS:

18th Feb
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OSS x Subrosa California Street Ride

WOW. There is a popping’ scene out west. OSS and many other companies have been putting on all sorts of jams out there all year long. The warm weather and sunshine breeds amazing riders and draws in people from all over. Madera’s own Dan Kruk made the journey from he Midwest to Cali last month [...]

11th Feb
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Dan Kruk and Heavy Crew Take Over a Gas Station

The title may see a bit dramatic, but how cool is this edit?! It appears that a bunch of riders took a flat rail to a lit and covered gas station and just had a session. I am not sure if they know the guy at the store or what, but its pretty awesome that [...]

09th Feb
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Game of BIKE – Erik Elstran VS Rob Diquattro

This is ridiculous on so many levels. There are tricks in here that are insanely hard that I have never even considered doing. In addition, there are names for these tricks that no one has ever even heard. And, this is extremely funny to boot! You must watch this and if you don’t laugh. Just [...]

05th Feb
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HOW TO: Install a Madera Mast Stem with Mike Hinkens

HOW TO: Install a Madera Mast Stem with Mike Hinkens To some of you, this may seem easy, but when you install a stem incorrectly you run the risk if having your bars slipping all of the time or actually cracking the stem plate. Either way, watch this simple, short, and informative video to see [...]