23rd Oct
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MORE Texas Toast 2014

Toast just happened, but people will be talking about it all year. Take a look again at the prelims from Toast 2014 and marvel at how much amazing stuff went down. Be on the lookout for some Madera riders in there and see how this clip turned out for Tom Villarreal:

22nd Oct
Madera Stock Front Two

NEW! Madera X Deco Complete Wheels!

Madera Stock Pilot/V-2 Wheels Now Available! Madera Teamed up with Sun Rims and Deco to offer these new stock wheels built here in our Machine Shop. Available Now! Here are the specs: The Madera Stock Pilot Front Wheel is hand built here in the Profile factory. With your choice of hub color, the Pilot Front [...]

21st Oct
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Erik Elstran fits right in… WEIRD RIDING IN AUSTIN!

Erik is an amazing rider. Not because he can 360 tail whip or something (which he can!), but because he can do the weirdest and most amazing of tricks that you can’t even think of or name. This edit features a ton of awesome riding from Austin TX shredders that is so weird, so unique, [...]

15th Oct
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Another awesome DelayEdit from Damian Racut

Damian is a never ending machine of spots and cool clips. DelayEdit #7 does not disappoint. Watching these always makes me want to go ride alleys and figure out how to ride every little bump in my neighborhood. Check it out and then go shred! Delayedit 7 from Damian Racut on Vimeo

10th Oct

Living a double life.

Check out this cool little piece that RedBull posted via David Leep about Madera’s Mike Hinkens. Most of us have to work outside of BMX and some of us only have time to ride. Mike is featured in this article about Pro riders who have full time jobs and commit their lives to BMX. Read [...]

03rd Oct
Madera Acronym Tee


JUST IN TIME FOR FALL! Checkout the newest Madera Softgoods starting with an awesome pullover crew neck! Madera Tri-Pull Sweatshirt. http://www.profileracing.com/estore/product.php?productId=629 Madera Acronym Tee. http://www.profileracing.com/estore/product.php?productId=627 Madera Block Tee. http://www.profileracing.com/estore/product.php?productId=628