12th Dec
Screen Shot 2014-12-12 at 8.26.48 AM

Gully Jam in Milwaukee!

The Gully crew may have spread out over the last few years, but they still make awesome stuff happen all over the place. Some of the AZ boys came up to Milwaukee over Thanksgiving and held an awesome jam with the Chicago and Milwaukee crews in attendance. Check out the wild riding as well as [...]

10th Dec
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Mike Hinkens and so many awesome dudes in an FBM edit!

Madera’s Mike Hinkens has recently started working with the iconic and original American-Made FBM. This edit features a few clips of him and a ton of insane bangers from the rest of the team. Take a look and be scared. This thing goes hard. FBM 2014 mixtape- Kingdom of Lost Souls from FBM BMX on [...]

01st Dec

2 Years in the works: Tom Villarreal’s Celestial Collection

Tom Villarreal is a treat. A treat to ride with. A treat to hang with. And an incredible treat just to sit back and watch pedal his rig. Raw talent at its finest. We’re lucky to have him on board. Here’s to Tom’s 5th year on Madera. Thanks to him for years of support —————————————————– [...]

01st Dec
TOM V Celestial IG Flier

Madera X TCU Celestial Wrap Stem Giveaway

To celebrate the release of our Celestial Wrap Colorway for all Madera parts, we thought we would give away a stem from our Celestial Wrap Lineup! Winning is easy: FOLLOW on Instagram: @tomvillarreal @maderabmx @thecomeupbmx REPOST the contest picture TAG all of us and HASHTAG #tcuMADERAcelestial Winners will be announced soon!

25th Nov
Madera Wallet Spread

Limited Hand-Made Madera Leather Wallet

Got plenty of stuff in the works for Madera over the next two months. Besides the Signet sprocket released yesterday, here is the Madera Leather wallet made by James at Native Bmx. Thanks for the support! Madera BMX bi-fold style leather wallet. Hand made by James Covington at Native Bmx. Made in the USA. -Madera [...]

24th Nov
Madera Signet #1

Madera “Signet” sprocket available today!

Madera “Signet” sprocket available today! Why do you care? Because this thing is a high quality American-Made sprocket that is as tough and awesome as you expect from Madera. BUT, the cost is SO DAMN LOW! And it can fit ANY crank! The Signet Sprocket has a 24mm thru hole (for use with 24mm cranks) [...]